"Genius is going beyond your boundaries. It does not matter where you do it, in space or on earth. This book as well as genius itself is available to all. Read it, find your genius, and go beyond".


Sergei Volkov, Russian cosmonaut, live from International Space Station (ISS)

Humanity has played a fascinating trick upon itself: we freely acknowledge that there is potential in everyone and then act as if that potential is capped – capped somewhere short of genius.  But what if genius is available to all?  In the 21st Century, when the world is faced with many problems, some of which have the capacity to destroy us, putting a cap on potential is not what is required.  What is required is a new understanding of genius – one that boldly states that genius is within the reach, no, the grasp, of each and every one of us.  An understanding of genius that enables our communities, be they social or business, to survive and thrive.


Although there is a vast amount of research and science about the nature of high performance, the science is fragmented and only coheres in a number of somewhat ‘siloe-ed’ disciplines; psychology, biology, neuroscience, social science, sports psychology and so on. Enabling Genius is for people who wish to explore the outer reaches of their potential. This original and powerful book provides a broad collaborative view on the scientific research of performance and presents a model for enabling genius that is concise and scientifically valid.