The world in which we live and work is changing so rapidly that it is often hard to manage the change in meaningful and productive ways.

The pressure to perform, for agility and speed across an organisation, grows continually.  And, at a time when the culture of compliance is shifting towards a culture of self-expression, this creates a tension, which few have the tools to manage.

Sense-making, communicating the new meaning and developing the congruent behaviours that deliver results and keep people engaged, are narratives that Myles has been working on over the past thirty year, not least as an executive coach working with leaders of multi-national, multi-directional organisations.  As a speaker, Myles’s presentations draw on that experience and equip leaders to bring out the best in themselves and in their teams.

The most requested topics include:

Enabling Genius
‘A pathway to extraordinary performance, fulfilment and joy, in work and outside of it’
Based on the research that went into the ‘Enabling Genius’ book, the presentation challenges how we see ourselves and what we are capable of, to allow people greater access to all their capabilities. With clear benefits to the individual participant, the main benefactor is the organisation as people perform better, particularly in the areas of responsiveness, creativity and innovation – tapping into the enjoyment that leads to greater employee engagement.

The Enabling Leader
‘From Command-and-Control to Align-and-Enable’
As the need grows to move away from hierarchical, excluding styles of leadership and management while still making sure that business objectives are met, a new approach is required. This presentation is about how leadership, management and coaching work together to ensure an employee’s actions are aligned with the business objectives while also creating the conditions for high performance and flow.

Effective Coaching Masterclass
‘The principles and practices of effective coaching’
Based on the ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ book this presentation typically covers why coaching is important, what it is and how to do it. At a time when coaching is losing it’s edge as it is focused on development rather than performance (as it should be) and when most organisations need to get the best from the employees, this is particularly vital. Highly enjoyable with demonstrations and the opportunity to practice.

Myles’s presentations are thought-provoking, enjoyable and very practical – the intention is to have people think differently and act decisively as a result of participating. They can be delivered as shorter inspirational TED style, events, Seminars or longer workshops. Frequently they form part of a larger corporate programme

These topics, adapted, are also intended for the executive coach training and sports coaching markets

“'Imagine if every teacher looked for the genius in every child' - this will stay with me…he has a way of putting it across that creates more of an impact on how I move forward”

Conference Participant

“Very interesting – A bit like listening to a mad professor”

Conference Participant