Coach Performance

Raise your game, raise your client's game.

What it is

Coach Performance is about improving your performance as a coach.  It’s about the coach’s player’s (clients) achieving more, and developing and growing more quickly.  It enables coaches to access deploy and develop their capabilities

Who is it for

It’s for executive, business and development coaches who want to up their level (raise their game), have greater impact, retain clients and grow their business

Why would I need coaching performance?


This is for you if you don't have enough business, you know you could be making more income than you are from your current clients.

You might lack confidence and clarity in what you are doing, you feel like you are stuck in a rut


  • Greater impact allows the coach to increase fees
  • Greater capability to deal with a wider variety of players and situation
  • New models, strategies and tactics
  • A clear grasp of one’s identity as a coach, impacting everything from impact, to confidence to brand

Often referred to as The Coaches’ Coach I have a unique track record in Coach Performance.  As the founder and owner of first UK coach training organisation, the much respected School of Coaching, the author of Effective Coaching and Effective Modern Coaching (5 languages, consistently in print since 1999, 300,000+ copies), and also of Enabling Genius and training coaches as a guest Tutor and Speaker for other organisations across the world. I also worked with the Coach Team for the Premier Division Clubs for New Zealand Rugby and with the Coaches for England Rugby.

There are various ways we can work together which I've outlined below. Please get in touch to have a chat about what would work best for you or your company. 

Group Mentoring + Supervision
1:1 Coaching +Mentoring

Myles offers regular webinars, often free, on a wide range of topics. 

Myles holds workshops and paid webinars to build capability, always well attended, often interactive and hugely popular.

In these sessions the focus is on having greater impact on your clients. Myles teaches skills and ensures you keep your training updated, which as coaches is essential. We are always learning!

Myles can work with you one on one and create a bespoke programme to work through your particular needs and issues. This will result in powerful results for bot your developement as a coach and your clients.

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