Leader Performance: 

Raise your performance game

What is Leader Performance coaching? 

It’s very clear cut: business driven, and results focused.  For leaders.

People who need to deliver business results that make an impact, on the customers, clients, the organisation and its’ stakeholders.  This needs to work.


Leader Performance drives development.  It enables the leader to access, deploy and develop their capabilities – their unique genius – and those of their teams, to deliver results that are often many times greater than expected.

Who is it for?


Leaders everywhere: CEO’s, COO’s CFO’s, Leaders of Division or Units, Leaders of significant projects or product launches, leaders of Start-ups.  Or simply Leaders who want to up their game or get out of a rut.


Someone who has a critical project to deliver, a new product to launch, game changing goals to achieve, challenging targets to hit, a turn-around to secure.  And they need to lead the team effectively to do it.


I have a unique track record in coaching people to deliver the extraordinary e:  The ‘CEO’ of one ‘arm’ of the UK’s armed services implementing a major equipment upgrade.  The managing director and team who launched the UK’s first on-line bank.  The CEO of a now thriving private equity firm – twice.  A Senior Exec in a large retail business, launching a new product range.  The country Managing Partner of a global strategic consultancy, turning around a fractious business.  And, along the way, I trained the coaches to the English National Rugby Squad. 

I have been acknowledged as one of a very few coaches competent to work with the C-Suite.  


What do these people have in common? 

They needed to deliver results.

Leader Performance is a coaching approach that’s different from executive coaching – it’s results focused first.  Development follows real, immediate need.


Leader Performance can also be delivered for small groups as a series of webinars or seminars and individual coaching.

Leader Performance has four main strands:

  • Coaching, following the Effective Coaching Model developed by Myles while at The School of Coaching between 1995 and 2012, and described in his best-selling book ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ (three editions between 1999 and 2016, in print for 25 years, 100,000+ copies, five languages)
  • ‘Enabling Genius’, also written by Myles.  This is a ‘scaffolding’ that enables people to explore their full potential, successfully and safely
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset.  These are the practices of successful entrepreneurs that allow them to respond in a VUCA world, effective and agile
  • The practices of ‘Flow’.  Increasing flow leads to more productivity, creativity, learning and enjoyment.



Benefits of a Leader Performance Programme:

For the organisation or business unit
For the leader
Are you feeling....
  • Increased performance from clarity of mission and key strategic goals
  • Greater engagement and satisfaction
  • Increased level of trust
  • Satisfaction of achieving key goals
  • Own development accelerated
  • Team members performing to their potential
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  • Renumeration secured, stronger bargaining position
  • A stronger brand and profile
  • Time for self and family
  • Stuck in a rut
  • Anxious and stressed
  • Your position is under threat
  • Concerned about 'stepping up' to the next level

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