I believe that the natural state of the human being is to be fully expressed, uninhibited, without doubt or fear to perform, to learn and to enjoy,

 a state in which there is access to all the innate resources born to us:



I am a thought-leader and innovator in the realm of excellence and coaching with extensive experience spanning over twenty-five years. My practise deals in the areas of writing, speaking, coaching and consultancy



I speak on topics concerning excellence,

 self-expression, performance and learning.  The Pillars of Genius; Enabling Genius, Effective Coaching, Coaching and Leadership are all recent titles. Speeches are memorable, to the point, challenging, funny and frequently irreverent.

I work on large scale projects delivering organizational change, as well as advise and support in corporate coaching initiatives and ‘Explorations’ to create innovate solutions to intractable problems.


I train leaders and managers to support their teams to learn and perform to their highest levels; Team Coaching enabling leadership or project teams to work together to deliver extraordinary goals; Executive  Coaching to people in business who are facing extraordinary challenges, whether that is a problem or an opportunity:

'Meeting the Challenge'.

Enable is an automated coaching system based on the renowned Effective Coaching model created by Myles Downey. It works as a replacement for conventional coaching or can be integrated with coaching from a coach, mentor or manager. The standard versions of Enable can be tailored to suit specific needs or requirements and custom built versions can also be developed. There are two core offerings: a performance and a learning and development programme.


The system works by helping people understand a given situation, imagine solutions and strategies, decide on the most effective way forward and then review actions taken until their goals are achieved.



Writer and speaker.  Coach, trainer, facilitator, consultant.  Entrepreneur, innovator.  Tennis player.


I joined Alexander Corporation at inception 1986 ( identified as leading provider of executive coaching in 1993 and 1995 by the Economist Intelligence Unit).  In 1996 I Founded The School of Coaching ( the first institution focused on developing coaching skills, now owned by JMJ Associates). In 2013, I  established the eCoach Systems as the first automated approach to coaching, as well as the ‘Enabling Genius Research Project’.


My book  ‘Effective Coaching’, written in 1999, then

re-written in 2003 and 2014 (to be published in September 2014) has had over  35,000+ copies sold worldwide. I am currently  writing ‘The Sessions’  - part business book, part novel, early chapters available here.

I have coached senior executives and leadership teams and has worked all over the world with some of the most prestigious organisations in a variety of businesses, such as British Gas, BSkyB, Chaucer Syndicates, Credit Suisse, Deloittes, Euroclear, HSBC, Innocent, JMJ Associates, LloydsTSB, NHS (Connecting for Health), Qatargas, Screwfix, Zest Leaders (Russia).


To allow for the delivery of large scale or specialized projects Internationally, I have formed Strategic Relationships with:

Big Blue Stuff exists to enable better business

through coaching, facilitation, performance

consulting and programme management.

GrowHouse has advanced skills in business thinking and coaching that help organisations to identify and leverage a range of opportunities, from process efficiencies

to disruptive change.

Zest Leaders is a consultancy and leadership development company, based in St Petersburg serving Russia, CIS and Vietnam.

Imparta is a global company that improves business performance in the areas of sales, marketing and service, using powerful, practical methodologies and highly experiential learning that is embedded

in a change process to make it stick.

IDM is a new Business School for Sub Saharan Africa. Using an innovative model that blends faculty from leading international institutions with experts from local markets, IDM delivers world-class learning that is focused specifically on the needs of the next generation of African leaders.

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