Executive Coaching

From his extensive work with C-Suite Executives, the Enabling Genius project and his exposure to elite sports people, Myles has developed a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed at the highest levels. This knowledge, combined with a profound understanding of the coaching process, and an intuitive insight into business developed over 30 years, make him a sought-after coach and consultant, one of the few who are completely at home in the C-Suite. Myles coaches individuals and teams with an emphasis on business performance improvement.

Clients include:

Santander, Lloyds TSB, a global strategic management consultancy, Sky, NHS, HSBC, Swiss Re, BP

Coaching Skills for leaders
Agile ways of working and the needs of a more independently minded workforce mean that coaching skills are key to being successful as a leader. As the founder of The School of Coaching, Myles has helped organisations, in the UK and around the world, build coaching capability to improve business performance. With a small number of long-term associates work in partnership with our clients to create unique solutions which range from Masterclasses, workshops and train-the-trainer programmes.

“You made an impression...we have been trying the skills we learned most days”

Former All Black Captain and Super Rugby Head Coach

Clients include:

Lloyds TSB, Sky, Rolls-Royce, Credit Suisse, Gazprom, Sibur, a global strategic management consultancy, The Department of Education, NHS