Myles Downey is one of the leading executive coaches in Europe, with global experience (Europe, North and South America, Asia-Pacific, UAE). He has worked across the C-suite in many prestigious organisations over the last 30 years, in a wide variety of industries, including Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Tech and the Public Sector.

Myles is a recognized authority on Performance, Coaching and Leadership and the author of three classics in the coaching and performance arena: ‘Effective Modern Coaching’, ‘Effective Coaching’ (between them 300,00+ books sold); ‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for success in the 21st Century’; ‘The Enabling Manager – how to get the best out of your team’ published in July 2022.

Myles has deployed his performance coaching programs with the Senior Coaches of the England Rugby Team and with the New Zealand Elite Rugby Coaches.

Myles has been a speaker at many leadership conferences, including the BBC’s Conference for its top 400 senior executives, the McKinsey Global Partners Conference in Singapore and the ICF Global Conference in Malmo, to name a few. After 33 years living in London, Myles now lives in Norfolk, England. He was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1959. Myles plays for Norfolk Veterans Tennis team and competes occasionally on the ITF Masters Tour

I was wary about taking on a coach, that it might be seen as a lack of confidence in my abilities. I should have started with Myles sooner.

Effective Modern Coaching

The fourth edition of Myles’s seminal book ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ is to be published on the 25th April.
Continuously in print since 1999, with more than 330,000 copies sold in English alone, now brought fully up to date with 50% new content.

…the book upon which all other coaching practices and methods have been built