Other Offerings

Team Coaching

Programmes are bespoke and typically involve defining and gaining buy-in to transformative goals, team building and on-going coaching to reach declared business goals.

Speaking, Seminars and Workshops

Highly engaging events to inspire, motivate, build skills and change behaviour. Topics include: Enabling Genius; The Enabling Manager; Flow and elite performance;

The Coach Community

From his experience at The School of Coaching and the best selling ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ book, Myles provides seminars and workshops to active coaching communities.

Engaging, funny, passionate and so relevant.

Effective Modern Coaching

The fourth edition of Myles’s seminal book ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ is to be published on the 25th April.
Continuously in print since 1999, with more than 330,000 copies sold in English alone, now brought fully up to date with 50% new content.

…the book upon which all other coaching practices and methods have been built